We Care

we care

RICE is all about fun, funkiness and functionality, but we do work with our hearts as well. By acting responsibly we know that we can make a difference!

Since the very first beginning of RICE Corporate Social Responsibility has been a vital part of the RICE DNA. We make sure that we follow international standards and that all products are produced with high regards to human rights, healthy labor conditions and with no use of child labor. RICE meets the requirements of the SA8000 standard and uses Global Compact as a guideline for doing business responsibly.

Socially responsible work place

At RICE it is very important for us that all our products are produced with respect for our workers - most of our products are made by workers in third world countries. The requirements include fair working conditions such as no child labor, no discrimination and minimum pay. We choose suppliers who live up to our ethical standards and help them further improve their working conditions. On regular basis we audit all our suppliers, and twice a year Bureau Veritas Certification, an auditing company, visits our head quarter to control all our documentation from our audits.

As a guideline for improving working conditions in third world countries, we use “The SA8000” - a standardized code of conduct for developing a socially responsible work place. The standard is an important tool for controlling the ethical part of our business.

“No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone”

Another part of our ethical approach to doing business is our allocation of means for special charity projects. We strongly believe that: “No one can help everyone – but everyone can help someone”, and therefore we take an active part in developmental projects around the world. We cooperate with different organizations on creating viable and social responsible development in third world countries – for instance we helped refugee families on the run, and we helped build a school in Myanmar.

A special RICE way of giving support is the RICE–up products, where the profit or a fixed amount from certain products helps developmental projects in third world countries. The RICE-up products include “Cups Full of Hope”, “Spoons Full of Hope”, “Danish Hospital Clowns” red-dotted cups and plates, and the “LITTLE BOX OF HOPE” food kit.