Raffia Storage Baskets Set with The Steadfast Tin Soldier Theme - Set of Three - SAVE

Rice by Rice

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Beautiful hand made storage baskets in raffia with assorted Steadfast Tin Soldier decorations - indispensable for storing toys in the kids room. 

All our raffia products are handmade in beautiful Madagascar. Raffia is a natural material and this means each item will vary slightly in color and size. We think this is part of the charm… If constantly exposed to sunlight the colors will fade. Keep away from water as this will cause the dye to rub off.


Large: Length 21.2 in, Width 13.4 in, Height 17.3 in

Medium: Length 18.1 in, Width 11.8 in, Height 14.5 in

Small: Length 14.9 in, Width 10.2 in,  Height 12.9 in

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